Covid News Update and What it Means for You

Updated 1-13-21

Virus Mutations (variants)

1-13-21 Preliminary research suggests the new Covid mutation (variant) makes the SARS-CoV-2 virus up to 50% transmissible. We don’t know where it is spreading in the U.S. due to lack of genomic surveillance to identify what was causing people to get infected: “original” Covid or a variant.

In the United Kingdom, about 10% of the virus samples from infected persons are genetically sequenced, They spent time and money getting labs set up for sequencing. In the U.S. about 0.3% of virus samples are sequenced. Labs are scattered around the country and there is no centralized database of results.

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Updated 1-16-21 – vaccine distribution – 65+ and 1 or 2 vaccine doses?

1-16-21 Biden team has no official access to what Operation Warp Speed has been doing.

1-16-17 Operation Warp Speed has no doses in reserve. States vary widely. Some states are really messed up Per Dr. Fauci it was a mis-communication, but the damage has been done to the states’ vaccine rollouts.

1-13-21 The CDC has said there’s no maximum time between a first and second coronavirus shot, and the World Health Organization said last week that people can wait for as long as six weeks between doses. Source: Dr. Sanjay Gupta newsletter

1-12-21 Alex Azar, HHS Secretary, is now asking states to vaccinate people age 65 and over and those under 65 with underlying health conditions that put them at high risk and will be sending their reserve doses to the states. See above – no reserve!

1-11-21 Biden to release most vaccine doses. Some doses will be in a “strategic reserve” for second shots. See above – no reserve!

1-10-21Many experts said two doses are necessary as the clinical trials so far were for two doses. 1-5-21 FDA Warns Health Officials Not To Mess With COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Schedule Dr. Fauci and many other experts say two doses.


1-14-21 New vaccines coming in early 2021. The three vaccines are not mRNA and don’t have special cooling requirements. AstraZeneca is two doses and may be approved early this year. The second dose can be delayed for up to 12 weeks. Johnson and Johnson’s one dose trial will be completed soon but there are slowdowns in manufacturing. They may get EUA (emergency use authorization) by February and may have production up by late March. Production delays on new vaccines are common. They started phase 3 trials on Nov. 16 for two doses. Novavax (2 doses) Phase 3 trial started Dec. 28.

I always assume everyone has Covid, including myself, family, and friends. Over 60% of infected persons show no symptoms.

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What I am doing now and table with deaths by age

I am 77 years old with Type II diabetes. I will get a vaccine as soon as Kaiser, my HMO, calls me. Until I get the vaccine, if the surges continue and virus mutations spread widely, I work at home and will seldom leave my house. I live along with my cat. I am fortunate.

Until I get the vaccine, if the surges continue and virus mutations spread widely, I will seldom leave my house. I live along with my cat. See next paragraph.

The risk of death goes up dramatically on average, at age 60 (CDC data below). The 1908 Spanish flu mostly affected persons in their 20s and 30s. If you are 65 or older, get vaccinated!

85+1,183 = 67%
75-84366= 20%
65-74144= 8%
50-6451= 3%
40-4916= 0.1%
30-396= 0.1%
18-292= Under O.1% %
5-170.2= Under O.1% %

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