Covid News Update and What it Means for You

Note to readers: As of Feb. 28, 2021 I am no longer updating this blog on a regular basis. Vaccines are available. Scientists and the CDC can speak out now.

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On March 5, 2021, I was fully vaccinated. My life has changed.

Before that day I worked at home and seldom left except to go to grocery store or to my office about once a week.

3-11-21 I feel free and am returning to my pre-Covid life as much as I am able. I did not expect such a dramatic change in my attitude. Of course, I have never had a pandemic vaccination ;>

I am 77 years old with Type II diabetes – high risk for Covid. I don’t have to worry about getting Covid and getting very sick or dying. I live alone and don’t have to be concerned about infecting someone at home.

For the first time since March 2020, I am having lunch with vaccinated friends and family, shop in stores, eating in restaurants (25% maximum capacity), going to my gym (10% maximum capacity) , playing doubles pickleball, plan to take an overnight trip, etc.

The risk of death goes up dramatically on average, starting at age 60 (CDC data below)

The 1908 Spanish flu mostly affected persons in their 20s and 30s. If you are 65 or older, get vaccinated!

85+1,183 = 67%
75-84366= 20%
65-74144= 8%
50-6451= 3%
40-4916= 0.1%
30-396= 0.1%
18-292= Under O.1% %
5-170.2= Under O.1% %

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