A Spontaneous Moment of Joy in Tough Times 12-24-20

Watch It. Only 5 minutes. You will feel better, just like me! It made me laugh and cry. There Is Hope!!

Interviewer (Stephanie Sy):

Social distancing may have defined 2020, but it didn’t stop spontaneous moments of joy from springing up and making us feel connected.

One of those moments was captured on video.

Avalina Whitlow, a (3 year old) toddler in Portland, Oregon, and her neighborhood mailman dance together every day while separated by the window in her family’s living room. It’s a video that has gotten millions of views, including the 30 times I watched it.

And Avalina, her father, David, who made the video, and Ian Simon, their mailman, joins us now.

Click here to watch and read a full transcript plus audio

Humor posts on this blog I need more Humor and Fun and Joy posts!

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