Anyone, of any age, can become a Long Hauler with Covid symptoms that last for months

You recovered from Covid at home and did not go to the hospital, but it has damaged your body. You are sick for months. Medical professionals don’t know much about how to help you. Anyone, of any age, can become a Covid Long Hauler.

1-13-21 PBS Newshour 13 minutes This video is about people in their 20s and their struggle to get help and their persistent symptoms. 

Medical community scrambles to understand COVID-19 ‘long haulers’
Full transcript and audio

For lots more information and another excellent video see my blog post Covid Long Haulers – Affects All Ages January 1, 2021 Discusses the details of what is happening. Excerpts from that post below.

Any person, of any age, who gets Covid can become a long hauler. Often long haulers don’t go to the hospital as they don’t feel very sick. The symptoms start later.

Long haulers test negative for SARS-CoV-2. The damage has been done, and there is nowhere for the virus to infect, and it is gone from our bodies.

Covid travels through our bodies in our blood vessels and can significantly affect many parts of the body, including the brain, heart, liver, etc., and can cause death.

Lots more information on symptoms, long term effects on society from disabled persons, why medical professionals took so long to recognize it as physical and not “just in your head”, etc.

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