Appraiser/Educator Bryan Reynolds and COVID-19

Appraiser/Educator Bryan Reynolds and COVID-19 Podcast April 7, 2020 31 minutes

“I had a bit of a difficult time with this podcast. We like to think we’re invincible, immune, unaffected, but that’s silly. We are, at the end of the day, all vulnerable. This chat with my long time friend and partner, Bryan Reynolds, brought that realization home, in stark reality and made it tangible and personal.”

“People, we damn near lost Bryan. Please give this podcast a listen. I’ve posted it here, largely unedited. This podcast is the epitome of authentic. “

Hal Humphreys
Partner Appraiser eLearning
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My comments:

Bryan Reynolds

Before he got Covid, I interviewed Bryan for an article I was writing. I regularly attend his free webinars on youtube. Whenever I am asked if I know anyone who has had covid with symptoms, I say yes. I don’t know anyone else who had terrible symptoms like Bryan’s. I had been writing about Covid and appraisers in my appraiser newsletters since February 2020.

Hearing about his experience directly from Bryan made Covid much more personal for me.

Listen to this podcast!! I saw a short video live on March 26. Hal Humphreys was speaking from his front yard and said that Bryan had coronavirus. I am so glad that he is recovered!

The death rate from Covid is relatively low, under 1%. Many people get few if any, symptoms. Older people are more likely to die. But, we sometimes forget about all the other people, of all ages, such as Bryan, that get really sick and some die. Or, get “long covid” and are sick for many months. I am getting vaccinated.

Now that vaccines will be available, many are hesitant to get vaccinated. Listen to what happened to Bryan, a middle-aged appraiser, in his own words. I am getting vaccinated as soon as it is available.

I always assume everyone, including myself, has Covid since over 50% of the people infected have no symptoms. I have not been tested, but I would like to get an antigen test to see if I was infected in mid-March. I had a fever, headache, weakness, and had very bad diarrhea, which I seldom have. Like many of us, I think I may have already had mild Covid.

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