Where to get reliable Covid science information – resources I use

There is lots of news about COVID-19, especially new therapeutics or vaccines. But I always check out what I hear at the resources below. I use resources for both the general public and for scientists. Where to get reliable Covid science information is very important. Updated 10-20-20

What I include in this blog

Below are the resources I use regularly in this blog, and consider the most reliable, including fact checking. They are links for the general public and are not too technical.

All my writing and speaking has always been NPA: No Politics Allowed. Some of the references have occasional “political” discussions in the material. You can just not listen or scroll past those comments.

Since I am a scientist, I look for the technical side of what is happening. I want to know the source so I can check it out. For example, a common question from my friends is can you get infected twice. I finally found the primary source at that time: a study in South Korea, which I referenced in my blog.

I sometimes reference technical science information, especially to the original study or data. I always read them myself before including a link.  

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About Ann O’Rourke, the author of this blog

Ann O’Rourke has a science background (college, labs) plus has been a writer and publisher since 1992. I have been a self-employed real estate appraiser since 1986 and have given presentations around the U.S. and Canada about appraisal business issues. I have two appraisal newsletters and have written for many appraisal publications.

My first job after college in 1986 was in a toxicology lab. I worked in other labs plus worked for 5 years at a biotech company.

In both science and appraising, you are trained to be objective and analyze the data. You look for the truth. ]

To read more about my science, appraisal, and business backgrounds and, why I started this blog, informations sources I use, and how to contact me, etc. Click “Continue Reading” below.

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