How the NFL kept its players and staff safe from Covid

Note: Attendees at Super Bowl on February 7, 2021 were given KN95 masks. Updated 2-10-21

The NFL tested everyone, every day, and did genetic sequencing to see how people got infected. They worked with the CDC to find out what they needed to do, how to get the data and how implement it. Face Masks were extremely important.

Playing was safe. Training was less safe (players stood around). Eating together was risky as face masks must be removed.

Face Masks were key. The CDC report is relevant for everyone, whether you play team sports or not. I play pickleball doubles so this information is relevant to me as well as to others who play team sports.

Where to get more information

Read more about it and watch a 4 minute video How playing it safe allowed the NFL – and the rest of us – to have a Super Bowl 2-5-21 Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent (neuro surgeon) interviews NFL Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Allen Sills (orthopedic surgeon).

Listen to the full 16 minute podcast interview: A Pandemic Superbowl Fascinating, behind the scenes, interview.

Good story about how they did physical movement tracing and comments about the game. What the NFL did to keep Covid-19 off the field during the Super Bowl Masks, distancing, testing, and proximity sensors: The NFL’s Covid-19 playbook, explained. 2-8-21

The best information about team sports and Covid that I have heard or read!!

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