Coronavirus Vaccine Update With Anthony Fauci 12-11-20 – 32 minutes

This video was recorded for the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association. Sometimes it gets technical, but most of it is understandable. See a timed topic list below the video and watch what you want. This video was recorded before the Pfizer vaccine was approved.

Scroll to listen to the topics you want

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:34 COVID-19 numbers update
  • 4:10 Role of religious leaders
  • 6:13 Novel vaccine platforms
  • 8:57 Vaccine data overview
  • 9:52 Preventing disease vs preventing transmission
  • 12:15 What we know from other vaccines
  • 13:35 Data on the elderly and teenagers
  • 16:35 Severe allergic reactions
  • 19:12 US capacity to vaccinate
  • 22:08 Immunosuppressed and cancer patients
  • 23:18 Vaccination timeline
  • 23:51 Working with multiple administrations
  • 27:40 New appointments for CDC and Surgeon General
  • 29:38 Would Dr Fauci himself be vaccinated 31:23 Happy upcoming birthday to Dr Fauci

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