COVID-19 Public Health and Scientific Challenges by Fauci

On 9-10-20 Dr. Fauci spoke at a live webinar, with over 6,000 virtual attendees and many questions.

Harvard Medical Grand Rounds Webinar — Dr. Fauci’s lecture, “COVID-19—Public Health and Scientific Challenges” was 1 hour and 6 minutes. Started with an introduction, then Fauci started speaking at 4 minutes. Click here to watch.

This 1-hour webinar covered many of the topics I discuss in this newsletter. Fauci was very understandable, of course. The three panelists were good also, only occasionally using technical terminology. 

Often, the media only shows short clips  of what he said. At this event he has lots more time plus good slides to illustrate what he is saying. Using very good slides made a big difference

Viewing advice:

Set up computer screen so you can see better. Controls are the right side of the screen.
Top of screen: current slide and Fauci speaking
Bottom of the screen: slides scrolling

Fauci Topics – starts at 4 minutes

  • Virology – comparison with SARS, MERS, etc.
  • Transmission – airborne, changes over time, who and where transmitted, etc.
  • Clinical manifestations – symptoms, our knowledge changes over time, underlying health conditions
  • Diagnostics
  • Testing
  • Therapeutics (Treatment)
  • Vaccines – when will be approved, distribution, resistance to taking, etc

Q&A (answered by Fauci and 3 panelists)

Starts at 36:40 minutes A few of the topics:

  • Flu and Covid-
  • Sports leagues – what are they doing
  • Lessons we learned for the future

Final Fauci Wrap-up: Starts about 6 minutes from the end

Where to get more information

Link to past and future sessions

Read excerpts from the webinar from Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s newsletter, “Fauci Joins Infectious Disease Experts for Candid Reflections on COVID-19”

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