Covid: The Good The Bad and Some Humor!!


Parody of the Song ‘Alexander Hamilton’ With Dr. Anthony Fauci as the Title Character One minute. It made me smile ;>

Fun Covid Risk Rating Chart.

The Good

Very effective vaccines will be available to many people by early winter. Phase I is for healthcare workers and others, next older people, and others. Note: the final decisions on what groups are in the phases have not been determined.

Proposed phases Who Gets The Corona Vaccine First 10-2-20

The Bad

The Bad: The pandemic is out of control everywhere, just like the 1908 Spanish flu in the fall. I live in the Bay Area, which has always had strict requirements. Everyone wears face masks and does social distancing but cases are going way up.

My Holiday season advice for this year:

Skip getting together this year. By this time next year, probably earlier, many of us will be vaccinated, especially older people at high risk.

Do not get together with anyone outside your household. That is what we are doing in my family. Of course, we have a scheduled big Zoom meet up with all of us!!

Do not celebrate with anyone who is high risk, such as older people.

Map of high risk U.S. counties, if you are traveling

Assume everyone, including yourself, has Covid, including family and friends. 50% of infected persons show no symptoms. I have been doing this since March.

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