Don’t Mess With Dr. Fauci!

Fauci on his media restrictions, Trump contracting COVID, masks, White House superspreader event, death threats, and more. Don’t Mess With Dr. Fauci!

In a wide-ranging 60 Minutes interview on October 18, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci expresses his frustration with a Trump campaign ad. He explains why, early in the pandemic, masks were largely recommended for health care workers; and says that he plans to vote in person.

The episode included videos from a previous 60 Minutes interview 4 years ago, including his vaccine lab.

Watch this video!! To listen to the 13 min. 28 second interview click here Worth waiting for 30 second ad to finish.

My comments:

I have watched Fauci on video many times. This one was different, as he was very outspoken with his opinions, including discussing Trump. Don’t Mess With Dr. Fauci! In response, of course, Trump had to say mostly incorrect negative comments about Fauci. But, he did say that Fauci was a nice person.

The interview is very personal and includes his wife, who seldom speaks out. He and his wife have had death threats and his adult children have been harassed.

Why is Fauci discussing “politics” after 40 years of a “no-politics” policy? He does not register to vote with any party. Looks like it was the use of a video clip in a Trump ad, taken out of context, implying that he supported what Trump was doing.

I seldom watch network tv but kept my cable subscription. I was thinking about canceling it last week as I only use it a few times a month. But, a friend called me Sunday night and said Fauci was on the 60 Minutes tv show. My TIVO, which I got in 2004, is set up to record it just in case there is something I want to see. Or, if my wifi goes down with no Amazon Prime or Netflix…

Because of the upcoming election in two weeks, I assume, I was seriously considering speaking out about politics. But, many of my readers are very conservative and I did not want to alienate them. Since March I have been telling them the scientific truth about Covid. I write only about the Science side of the pandemic. All my writing is No Politics Allowed. They know my position: social liberal and fiscal conservative.

Fortunately, Fauci said what I wanted to say, to a much, much bigger audience. Thanks, Dr. Anthony Fauci!!!

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