Dr. Fauci Current Vaccine News: Who Gets It First and Why, Virus Mutations, Travel Bans, etc. 12-21-20

Tony Fauci speaks on current vaccine topics on the PBS Newshour 12-21-20. Judy Woodruff, my favorite interviewer, speaks with him. (13 minutes).

Topics include (in order):

  • Holiday get together advice.
  • Virus mutations. Travel bans. Do the current vaccines protect us?
  • First shipments of the Pfizer vaccines were smaller, fewer doses than expected
  • First vaccines to people 75 and over and then the front-line essential workers
  • Political pressure on CDC scientists
  • Should President Trump get a vaccination?
  • Advice to Americans who are wishing so much they could be around family members right now, in terms of how they should be thinking about this?
  • What he is doing on his birthday, Christmas Eve?

Fauci recently said that he was looking forward to being out of the news and returning to his normal life, such as eating at a local restaurant and not having security people around. Some people really enjoy being famous. Others don’t.

PBS NewsHour Video, audio, many comments, and a full transcript

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