Dr. Fauci is Back! Comments on deaths, schools, asymptomatic testing, etc. (VIDEO) 9-1-20

The interview is 5 min. 39 seconds. on 9-1-20 His “raspy” voice is gone (from too many interviews). Fauci took two weeks off to get vocal cord polyps removed.

Very good short interview. To watch the video, click here. 30-second of ads but worth waiting for the video. The transcript link is below the video on the right. The related extras link below goes to another recent Fauci interview.

Why does Fauci do so many interviews on Instagram, Facebook live, etc.?

Everyone wants to interview Dr.Fauci! But, his interviews have to be approved. They were restricted. Interviews on major news stations started declining significantly in early May.

From a New York Times interview in an August 27 article, “So Dr. Fauci found another way to get his message out: He said yes to pretty much every small offer that came his way: academic webinars, Instagram feeds and niche science podcasts, as well as a few celebrity interviews.”

“That’s how Dr. Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease scientist, found himself talking to the American Urological Association in June; the Economic Club of Chicago in July; and the “Brazda Breakfast” briefing this month.” The New York Times excellent article, “How Dr. Fauci Found Himself Talking to Julia Roberts, Lil Wayne, and Just About Any Podcaster Who Asked” is behind a paywall. If you subscribe, just google the title.

Some of his appearances, mostly scientific-related, are listed on his NIH page at https://www.niaid.nih.gov/news-events/director-in-the-news I use this page regularly. That’s why I started this Fauci Tracker!! I always recommend listening to him, but finding him was getting more difficult.

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