Dr. Fauci says vaccine could be available to all by April

11-10-20, updated 11-17-20 Why has he changed his forecast from much later in 2121? Because with over 90% efficacy, many people will want to take the vaccines. The flu vaccines are 40-60% effective. Only about 50% of people get one. Covid is significantly more dangerous than the flu. Plus, the Covid vaccine could be available to all by April!

Return to Normalcy finally!!

Dr. Fauci has always said “cautiously optimistic” about vaccines. For the first time, he said “The results are really quite good, I mean extraordinary,”

Fauci has also said that Covid could remain a chronic problem, and face masks, distancing, etc., would still be needed for some time.

Several of the top vaccines now are mRNA. Moderna also has high efficacy. Both Pfizer and Moderna are expected to get FDA Emergency Use Authorization by the end of 2020. They are Genetic Vaccines that deliver one or more of the coronavirus’s own genes into our cells to provoke an immune response.

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