Fauci Finally Free to Speak When and Where He Wants!

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s First Press Briefing ,January 20, 2021, at the White House one day after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, . Fauci speaks for the first 20 minutes on the state of the pandemic and vaccines with some Q&A. He is President Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor for the Pandemic.

Podcast of Fauci’s original interview with New York Times 35 minutes 1-26-21

Two good articles:
Fauci on What Working for Trump Was Really Like 1-24-21
Fauci On The Biden Administration’s COVID-19 Strategy
article and 11 minute audio – 1-22-21

Below this video are excerpts from Rachel Maddow’s interview 1-23-21

Full transcript of Press Briefing Fauci speaks for first 20 minutes.

Fauci on Rachel Maddow show January 23, 2021 Below are excerpts

Dr. Fauci appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC on January 23, 2021. The full interview is only available for NBC news now subscribers. Here are the excerpts available on youtube

I’ve Been Wanting To Come On Your Show For Months And Months’ 1.5 minutes

How the Trump administration blocked him from appearing on her should through most of the coronavirus crisis and how much more free top U.S. scientists are under the Biden administration to communicate with the public.

Science Was Distorted & Rejected – 2.5 minutes

Dr. Anthony Fauci talks with Rachel Maddow about the challenges of working with the Trump administration and the burden put on government health agencies.

Dr. Fauci Actively Studying Lingering Effects Of Covid-19 2 minutes (Long Haulers)

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Rachel Maddow about the investment and research going into studying “post-acute Covid-19 syndrome,” so many people are suffering after surviving Covid-19 but dealing with lingering, debilitating symptoms that can last for months.

Fauci: Single Dose Vaccine Likely Only Two Weeks Away From FDA Application (Johnson and Johnson) 3 minutes

Dr. Anthony Fauci explains that neither of the two currently available vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, is better than the other and estimates that a single-dose vaccine is only two weeks away from asking the FDA for emergency use authorization.

Fauci: Scientists Working On Therapies To Make Covid-19 Less Deadly

Dr. Anthony Fauci talks with Rachel Maddow about the focus on therapeutic treatments to make Covid-19 more survivable and more manageable for people who cannot be vaccinated before contracting the virus.

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