Fauci on Current Status of Covid Infections

Recorded 10-8-20 8 min. 19 sec. video. The interviewer asks Fauci the very tough current questions about infections in the NFL, Trump, and the White House, surges in some states, etc. Fauci does not “point the finger” at anyone. Instead, he repeats what the science says about what should be done. Listen to the video or read the transcript. Fauci on Current Status of Covid Infections

Excerpts: “…obviously, this is a formidable virus that has an extraordinary capability of being transmitted from person to person. But the kind of outbreak that we had in the United States and that many other countries have had does not necessarily have to have been inevitable.”

“I have said (this) multiple times, and I have no problem repeating it now, that what you should do to avoid acquisition and transmission of infection is the universals wearing of masks, avoiding close contact, avoiding crowded situations, trying to do things outdoors much more than indoors, and washing your hands regularly.”

To watch the video and read the full transcript Click here

My comments about speaking (and writing) the truth about Covid

Covid waits for people to infect so it can reproduce. It does not care at all about what humans think or do. When we give it opportunities to attack us, it does. To end the pandemic, we must give it little or no opportunity.

As always, Fauci keeps politics and science separated. He made me realize (again) that science and politics are not compatible. I must continue to keep all my Covid writing NPA (no politics allowed). Of course, I have personal political opinions, but they are not relevant at all when writing (or speaking, as Fauci does).

I am a real estate appraiser. I was taught to look at the data, analyze it, be objective, and tell the truth. Almost all appraisers are pressured sometimes to not disclose defects in a property or change a property value because a client wants a higher or lower “number”. I know what pressure is like. To not “give in” may result in losing a major client or getting a “bad” reputation for not “helping out” a client. Fauci, even though he has extreme pressure sometimes, stays with the scientific truth.

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