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When people ask me about the best source of scientific information on Covid, I always say Dr. Fauci. That’s why I started this Fauci Tracker!! He is a very reliable source for the “big picture” including forecasts, but interviews with him can be hard to find. He is an “insider” who is on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, plus does Covid vaccine research in his lab. Fauci explains topics so everyone can understand what is happening now and his forecasts for the future.

In this blog, I post information on Dr. Fauci’s most recent “sightings” on youtube, Facebook live, podcasts, etc. plus written interview s, so you can listen to the full version of what he said. I post the interviews that are well done, with experienced interviewers.

Don’t Mess With Dr. Fauci! 10-18-20

Fauci on his media restrictions, Trump contracting COVID, masks, White House superspreader event, death threats, and more. Don’t Mess With Dr. Fauci!

In a wide-ranging 60 Minutes interview on October 18, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci expresses his frustration with a Trump campaign ad. He explains why, early in the pandemic, masks were largely recommended for health care workers; and says that he plans to vote in person.

The episode included videos from a previous 60 Minutes interview 4 years ago, including his vaccine lab.

Watch this video!! To listen to the 13 min. 28 second interview click here Worth waiting for 30 second ad to finish.

My comments:

I have watched Fauci on video many times. This one was different, as he was very outspoken with his opinions, including discussing Trump. Don’t Mess With Dr. Fauci! In response, of course, Trump had to say mostly incorrect negative comments about Fauci. But, he did say that Fauci was a nice person.

The interview is very personal and includes his wife, who seldom speaks out. He and his wife have had death threats and his adult children have been harassed.

Why is Fauci discussing “politics” after 40 years of a “no-politics” policy? He does not register to vote with any party. Looks like it was the use of a video clip in a Trump ad, taken out of context, implying that he supported what Trump was doing.

I seldom watch network tv but kept my cable subscription. I was thinking about canceling it last week as I only use it a few times a month. But, a friend called me Sunday night and said Fauci was on the 60 Minutes tv show. My TIVO, which I got in 2004, is set up to record it just in case there is something I want to see. Or, if my wifi goes down with no Amazon Prime or Netflix…

Because of the upcoming election in two weeks, I assume, I was seriously considering speaking out about politics. But, many of my readers are very conservative and I did not want to alienate them. Since March I have been telling them the scientific truth about Covid. I write only about the Science side of the pandemic. All my writing is No Politics Allowed. They know my position: social liberal and fiscal conservative.

Fortunately, Fauci said what I wanted to say, to a much, much bigger audience. Thanks, Dr. Anthony Fauci!!!

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Dr. Anthony Fauci – the “big picture”. My personal opinion

Dr. Fauci is “cautiously optimistic”. Sometimes the COVID mess gets me down, but he reminds me that there is some hope. Google his name and his appearances will come up or try youtube. Videos are better as you can see his facial expressions. It is like seeing and hearing a good friend talk to you.

Fauci and I look at the pandemic the same way: write and speak only about the virus with no politics. We both “think like” scientists. Similar to appraising: state the facts and give your opinion. Be honest and not misleading.

 He has been involved in epidemics since HIV/AIDS, a very controversial epidemic, and is now working on vaccines. He has advised 6 presidents, starting with Regan. He has been dealing with politicians for 40 years and is doing it now with Trump. He says what he thinks and is a very believable person who admits his mistakes.          

I don’t always agree with Fauci, as there are differences of opinion in science (and appraising), particularly when the situation changes as fast as the pandemic.

Why does Dr. Fauci do so many interviews on Instagram, Facebook live, etc.?

Everyone wants to interview Dr. Fauci! But, his interviews have to be approved. They were restricted. Interviews on major news stations started declining significantly in early May. Recently some have started returning.

From a New York Times interview in an August 27 article, “So Dr. Fauci found another way to get his message out: He said yes to pretty much every small offer that came his way: academic webinars, Instagram feeds and niche science podcasts, as well as a few celebrity interviews.”

“That’s how Dr. Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease scientist, found himself talking to the American Urological Association in June; the Economic Club of Chicago in July; and the “Brazda Breakfast” briefing this month.” The New York Times excellent article, “How Dr. Fauci Found Himself Talking to Julia Roberts, Lil Wayne, and Just About Any Podcaster Who Asked” is behind a paywall. If you subscribe, just google the title.

Some of his appearances, mostly scientific-related, are listed on his NIH page at I use this page regularly. I always recommend listening to him, but finding him was getting more difficult.

7-2-20 Humorous Parody of the Song ‘Alexander Hamilton’ With Dr. Anthony Fauci as the Title Character

Vocalist Scott Hoying of the a cappella band Pentatonix performed a parody of the song “Alexander Hamilton” from the musical Hamilton. This video made me smile!! I am a Big Fan of Fauci, but he does tend to be a bit serious when speaking ;> 1 minute long. Click here to see

Fauci Vaccine Update – approval, distribution, vaccination 9-25-20

9-25-20 39 Minute Video. Much easier than listening to a lot of 2-3 minute excerpts on the news. This Fauci Vaccine Update – approval, distribution, vaccination lets you know what is happening now plus a few tidbits on Fauci and baseball! Fauci has been working on vaccines in his laboratory for a long time. He is also on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, which meets every week. He knows what is happening from the “inside”

Vaccines are a very hot topic now. We are all waiting for vaccine approval!

Topics discussed in this Fauci Vaccine
Click below to and go the topics you want to hear.

Click below for a timed list of video topics plus Fauci comments on Multiple Vaccines

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:24 Testifying before Congress
  • 2:12 COVID-19 in Europe
  • 4:31 Pandemic fatigue
  • 6:22 Concerns for the Fall
  • 8:13 Bridge to vaccines
  • 11:20 Efficacy of the vaccine
  • 14:48 Natural infection and immunity
  • 16:41 Different vaccines for different situations
  • 18:02 Vaccine approval and the FDA
  • 22:47 Vaccine hesitancy
  • 24:33 Mutation of SARS-CoV-2
  • 27:15 Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2
  • 29:52 Vaccinating children and the elderly
  • 31:57 Distribution of the vaccine
  • 36:26 Accelerated timeline for vaccine development
  • 37:59 Baseball

Fauci: we may have many vaccines

One small excerpt of what he says in the video. below Listen to find out more!!

“You might find when you do a clinical trial, that you maybe have three or four vaccines that are effective,” …

“But you may find one that does better in an older population than another,” Fauci added. “It could be that you would recommend, that if you are an older person you get this vaccine versus that. That is something we wish for namely that we have enough vaccines that you can tailor the better one for each individual group.”

Update 9-30-20. Moderna has a new vaccine, mRNA-1273, with promising results for older people in a Phase 1 study.

Source: “JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Network. Conversations with Dr. Bauchner Covid-19 Q&A.” Written for physician continuing education, but very understandable for most people. (Series of JAMA Interviews)

9-10-20 Dr. Fauci spoke at a live webinar, with over 6,000 virtual attendees and many questions.

Harvard Medical Grand Rounds Webinar — Dr. Fauci’s lecture, “COVID-19—Public Health and Scientific Challenges” was 1 hour and 6 minutes. Started with an introduction, then Fauci started speaking at 4 minutes. Click here to watch.

This 1-hour webinar covered many of the topics I discuss in this newsletter. Fauci was very understandable, of course. The three panelists were good also, only occasionally using technical terminology. 

Often, the media only shows short clips  of what he said. At this event he has lots more time plus good slides to illustrate what he is saying. Using very good slides made a big difference

Click here to watch and get more information on topics, Q&A, slides, etc.

Viewing advice:

Set up computer screen so you can see better. Controls are the right side of the screen.
Top of screen: current slide and Fauci speaking
Bottom of the screen: slides scrolling

Fauci Topics – starts at 4 minutes

  • Virology – comparison with SARS, MERS, etc.
  • Transmission – airborne, changes over time, who and where transmitted, etc.
  • Clinical manifestations – symptoms, our knowledge changes over time, underlying health conditions
  • Diagnostics
  • Testing
  • Therapeutics (Treatment)
  • Vaccines – when will be approved, distribution, resistance to taking, etc

Q&A (answered by Fauci and 3 panelists)

Starts at 36:40 minutes A few of the topics:

  • Flu and Covid
  • Sports leagues what are they doing
  • Lessons we learned for the future

Final Fauci Wrap-up: Starts about 6 minutes from the end

Where to get more information

Link to past and future sessions

Read excerpts from the webinar from Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s newsletter, “Fauci Joins Infectious Disease Experts for Candid Reflections on COVID-19”

8-31-2020 Dr. Fauci answers questions many people have

Posted on youtube 8/31/20 Tiffany Haddish is an actress and comedian. There was lots of smiling and laughing. Quite a contrast to Fauci’s usually very serious interviews! Dr. Fauci answers questions many people have. I get these questions a lot when people find out I write about Covid. To read more, click here.

If you, or someone you know, want understandable explanations from a widely recognized expert for questions that a lot of people have, forward this blog post to them, or send the link.

9-8-20 Comments on College students returning and Vaccines (VIDEO and full transcript)

Fauci speaks for about 5 minutes on PBS NewsHour. The first minute is of the video is a promo of other PBS programs. Next is a brief summary of current Covid issues by the interviewer, Judy Woodruff.

Issues include: Will we get a vaccine by Nov. 3? Who will take it?

To watch the video and/or read the transcript click here

My opinion: As usual, I agree with Dr. Fauci. I don’t always agree, but it is usually because I am not as conservative in my science opinions. Getting a vaccine approved by Nov. 3 is possible but has a very low probability. The distribution will take time.

9-1-20 Dr. Fauci is Back!! Comments on deaths, schools, asymptomatic testing, etc. (VIDEO) 5 minutes 40 sec.

The interview is for 5 min. 40 seconds on NewsHour. His “raspy” voice is gone (from too many interviews). Fauci took two weeks off to get a vocal cord polyp removed.

Very good short interview. To watch the video, click here. 30-second of ads but worth waiting for the video. The transcript link is below the video on the right. The related extras link below goes to another recent Fauci interview.

8-18-20 Fauci Talks to Healthline About COVID-19 Vaccines, School Safety in Live Town Hall (Video) 61 minutes

Excerpt from Healthline’s information on the town hall.


Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to be cautiously optimistic that the United States will know if there’s an effective, safe vaccine around the end of 2020 or the start of 2021.

Multiple vaccine candidates are now being evaluated in phase III trials to ensure they’re safe and effective.

Fauci also touched on major challenges in the fight against COVID-19, pointing out that contact tracing in the United States is still not where it needs to be.

The conversation, which was moderated by Healthline’s Medical Affairs Director Dr. Elaine Hanh Le, dug into how COVID-19 has affected mental health, child care and schools, and frontline workers.

The experts also explored the most effective treatments being used against the new coronavirus along with what to expect in regard to future treatments and a vaccine.

To watch the 61-minute event Click Here

Fauci is speaking from 15 min. to 33 min. and then does a Q and A discussion with two panelists.

For information on the speakers, Healthline (the sponsor), and more information on what was discussed Click Here

8-13-20 Fauci: The Bottom line is, I’m not pleased with how things are going. (Video)

Speaking at the National Geographic panel on Stopping Pandemics

Excerpts: U.S. public health officials are beginning to see a “disturbing” uptick in the rate of coronavirus tests that come back positive in some regions of the nation”, Fauci said.

“We certainly are not where I hoped we would be, we are in the middle of very serious historic pandemic,” he added.

To listen to excerpts of Fauci’s speech on opening safely, reopening schools, and voter safety, plus read transcript Click Here . Scroll down the page to see each section of his speech.

To listen to the full panel (1 hour 13 min.) Click here (Fauci is at the beginning, starting at 4 minutes) Fauci, the featured presenter, speaks for 29 minutes.

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