Fauci Vaccine Update – approval, distribution, vaccination

9-25-20 39 Minute Video. Much easier than listening to a lot of 2-3 minute excerpts on the news. This Fauci Vaccine Update – approval, distribution, vaccination lets you know what is happening now plus a few tidbits on Fauci and baseball! Fauci has been working on vaccines in his laboratory for a long time. He is also on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, which meets every week. He knows what is happening from the “inside”

List of topics below for Fauci Vaccine Update. Many live stream audience questions and written comments after posting on youtube.  

Vaccines are a very hot topic now. We are all waiting for vaccine approval!

Topics discussed in this Fauci Vaccine
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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:24 Testifying before Congress
  • 2:12 COVID-19 in Europe
  • 4:31 Pandemic fatigue
  • 6:22 Concerns for the Fall
  • 8:13 Bridge to vaccines
  • 11:20 Efficacy of the vaccine
  • 14:48 Natural infection and immunity
  • 16:41 Different vaccines for different situations
  • 18:02 Vaccine approval and the FDA
  • 22:47 Vaccine hesitancy
  • 24:33 Mutation of SARS-CoV-2
  • 27:15 Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2
  • 29:52 Vaccinating children and the elderly
  • 31:57 Distribution of the vaccine
  • 36:26 Accelerated timeline for vaccine development
  • 37:59 Baseball

Fauci: we may have many vaccines

One small excerpt of what he says in the video. below Listen to find out more!!

“You might find when you do a clinical trial, that you maybe have three or four vaccines that are effective,” …

“But you may find one that does better in an older population than another,” Fauci added. “It could be that you would recommend, that if you are an older person you get this vaccine versus that. That is something we wish for namely that we have enough vaccines that you can tailor the better one for each individual group.”

Update 9-30-20. Moderna has a new vaccine, mRNA-1273, with promising results for older people in a Phase 1 study.

Source: “JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Network. Conversations with Dr. Bauchner Covid-19 Q&A.” Written for physician continuing education, but very understandable for most people. (Series of JAMA Interviews)

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