How to reduce Covid airborne transmission risk

Research shows coronavirus spreads primarily through the air. Recorded 9-22-20 – Video 6 minutes with a full transcript. Excellent video illustrations that shows you how viruses travel in the air in the air. Interview with Dr. Linsey Marr, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, and her expertise is in the airborne transmission of viruses. I prefer her experiments because she uses human mannequins.

UPDATED 1-26-21. Some of the questions and comments are a bit out of date, but Dr. Marr is an excellent speaker and her experiments and comments are relevant today

How to reduce Covid airborne transmission risk – audio and a full transcript.

Cigarette smoke example

Excerpt: … Cigarette smoke is a great way to think about different specific scenarios, whether you’re indoors (or outdoors). Do you want to be indoors with that smoker? Well, you think about what affects the ventilation in the room. If the room is really well-ventilated and there’s lots of outdoor air coming in, then that smoke will be kind of pushed outside.

But if the ventilation is poor, that smoke can build up, just like the virus can also build up in the air. And exactly as was suggested, if you’re outdoors, you’re really close to someone, and you’re right downwind of them, and there’s not much wind, you could end up breathing in a lot of that smoke.

But if you kind of move a little bit, and it’s really windy out, you would greatly reduce your exposure to smoke.

My commentshow much virus is in airborne transmission is uncertain

Of course, we don’t know a lot about how much virus is actually in the airborne particles. Research is very difficult. There has been airborne transmission inside hospitals for many feet, coming from seriously ill Covid patients. Members of a choir singing in a small enclosed space in Washington became ill. Some were some distance away from the rehearsal space.

But we don’t know about how much virus is in the air as particles travel from speaking, for example. Understanding how to reduce Covid airborne transmission risk is very important.

It was good to see that Marr’s office is as cluttered as mine. I love looking at the background in zoom videos ;> The moderator had the usual very organized bookcases and no pets in the background. Virtual background maybe? Sorta boring…

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