How to use this Covid blog

To find what you want, use the search box on the upper right. On the right, use Categories and a list of the most recent posts. To get the posts when they are posted, subscribe to the blog via email on the right. I regularly update the posts and include the date updated.

What is on this blog?

There are many sources of Covid information, from short news briefs to very technical scientific publications. I listen to the news, watch videos and read articles and the original scientific research.

I try to write so persons without a science background can understand. In this blog, you will see the words “understandable” or “a bit technical but understandable a lot, such as a reference to an article or podcast. My office assistant, who does not have a scientific background, checks what I write to be sure it is no too technical.

I look for good interviews with experienced interviewers and knowledgeable, understandable, interviewees. I have read, or listened to, the references to be sure they are understandable.

For lots more info on what I use: Where to get reliable Covid science information – resources I use

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