Preprint vs. peer-reviewed scientific research papers. What is the difference?

Before the pandemic, academic researchers submitted their research to scientific journals and their peers reviewed them. To get ahead in their careers “publish or perish” was needed. Few preprint scientific research papers were done They are needed now for the COVID pandemic.

COVID is a pandemic now. People are dying all over the world. Scientists can’t wait to have a study published to find out about new ideas about therapies (treatments), vaccines, Covid and how it works, etc.

What is a preprint?

A preprint is a full draft of a research paper that is shared publicly before it has been peer-reviewed. Several companies are providing public servers for preprints. Some do preliminary reviews before posting. About 18,000 coronavirus preprints as of June were published on preprint servers. (Note: there are widely varying estimates on how many.)

More information at “The Pandemic Is Pushing Scientists To Rethink How They Read Research Papers”, 7-7-20. To read it click here

What does this mean for you?

When hearing or reading about new research studies on Covid topics, be sure to find out if it was published or is a pre-print. If it is a preprint, see if there are any other comments about it online. Read a copy of the preprint to see what it says.

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