Should you wear two face masks?

Virus surges and more transmissible variants can significantly increase our risk of infection. Many experts are recommending wearing both a cloth and a surgical mask. Unfortunately, there is still a shortage of n95 masks, the “gold standard” for protection, with too many counterfeit masks.

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Cloth mask on top. Surgical mask underneath.

Wearing two masks has become a hot topic since President Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021. The Poet Laureate, a young woman, wore two masks. Pete Buttigieg and his husband both wore cloth masks over white surgical masks.

The problem with surgical masks is that they are not made to fit well around your face, especially on the sides,nose and mouth. Too much air goes in and out. They are designed to keep patients safe from nurses and doctors who are infected.  

Cloth face masks can fit very well as they are very flexible, can fit closely, and are easy to find.

What are experts saying?

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