The “Big Picture” of How to get Covid-19 testing for everyone: where and when we need it (Video and full transcript) 9-7-20

Dr. Atul Gawande

9-7-20 7 minutes. PBS NewsHour. “As summer comes to a close, the United States is averaging about 830 coronavirus deaths per day, along with tens of thousands of new cases. Although testing for the virus has improved, problems with access and obtaining expedient results persist. But Dr. Atul Gawande of Brigham and Women’s Hospital has a plan for how testing can be improved.”

Topics discussed include
Assurance testing, similar to what the NBA is doing. Assure that we can live together and work together
More approved labs needed. Now we have 4 big labs that do most of the testing. But many more labs are capable of testing but can’t get approved.
Insurance payments are complicated.

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My Opinion

I want it right now, in my home, so I can test myself every day, maybe more than once a day!! If I get tested now and am negative, I could be positive tomorrow. They are not as accurate as PCR tests, but I can take it over and over. I have never been tested. Why? In the past I needed “symptoms” but 40% of us are asymptomatic. No tests are available to everyone in my city. The results come too late now to be useful. I have not even tried getting tested somewhere else.

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