Vaccine Rollout – States Vary Widely, From a Big Mess to Few Problems Updated 1-22-21

I wrote this post on December 26, 2020, when the CDC released its proposal for vaccine distribution – When can you get a Covid vaccination? Your state decides.

There is a conflict between older people who are much more likely to die and essential workers of all ages who are exposed to the virus when working. The CDC included both groups in each phase, with 75+ given priority over 65+ to 74. Risk increases dramatically as you get older. See the table below.

Opening vaccinations on January 13 to all 65+ persons instead of 75+ was a very big mistake in many California counties and in other states. Essential workers are not included.

My Personal experience getting an appointment (Updated 1-22-21)

.1-22-21 I am 77 years old with Type II diabetes. I got my first Moderna vaccine shot January 21 from Kaiser Permanente. It was very quickly done in a Kaiser Hospital with no lines and a 15 minute waiting period to see if I had a bad reaction. I can’t wait to get my second dose in 4 weeks! I was very lucky. See my timeline below. It felt like a large burden was lifted.

I got my vaccine appointment on Wed. Jan. 14th, with Kaiser Permanente, a very large HMO in the Bay Area. This was the day after Gov. Newsom in California announced it was available to anyone 65 or older.

Theresa, my office assistant’s daughter, was a healthcare worker for Kaiser, and told her to call the next day to set up an appointment. Theresa spent 40 minutes on hold and got her appointment, then called me. I was on hold for 1 hour, 15 minutes.

When I called my brother around 1 pm, he waiting for 2.5 hours and had to wait two weeks for an appointment. The next day it was up to 4 hours or more. It was worth the wait. I worked and had lunch. I had expected to wait until March.

By Sunday, 3 days later, Kaiser was not taking any new appointments.

Kaiser decided to switch to 75+ after being overwhelmed with calls earlier in the week. Millions of people in my area are Kaiser members. Per Next Door local comments, Kaiser sent an email to members 1-19-21 and posted updated info on web site.

A few other nearby counties decided to only do 75+. Getting an appointment was much less difficult.

The biggest problem: providers do not know how many doses they will and who has the doses in their county and state.

Most had planned on getting doses from the “reserves” set aside by Operation Warp Speed. At noon, the day after I got my appointment, I attended a public meeting on getting vaccinations, set up by my city’s Mayor. No one seemed to know who had all the vaccines, how many they would have in the future, etc., including the County’s Public Health Director.

The 1908 Spanish flu mostly affected persons in their 20s and 30s.

85+1,183 = 67%
75-84366= 20%
65-74144= 8%
50-6451= 3%
40-4916= 0.1%
30-396= 0.1%
18-292= Under O.1% %
5-170.2= Under O.1% %


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