Very Funny Vaccination Video. I Got Mine!!

It’s Vaccination Day! – “For The First Time In Forever” Frozen Parody Video The Funniest by Far!!

This video made me smile ;> I am FREE and am starting to return to my pre-pandemic life!! I know exactly how it feels. I was fully vaccinated on March 5 and am waiting for more friends to be vaccinated so we can get together inside without masks!! Eating outside is tough when it is cold or rainy.

If you are fully vaccinated, you know what this is like. Well… maybe just singing and jumping in your mind :> If not vaccinated yet, this is what will be coming.

If nothing else, you won’t have to worry about getting Covid and going to the hospital and maybe dying. Or, won’t get Long Covid (aka becoming a Long Hauler) and be chronically sick for months, which can happen to anyone of any age or health status. Estimated 20-30% of those who get Covid get it. Many never went to the doctor and recovered quickly. The long Covid symptoms showed up later. Some that were infected last March still have significant problems

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  1. Just got my first Pfizer shot this week, now it was available to me. I am excited to be fully vaccinated soon. This video is great and I almost relate to the wife!

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