When can we get fast cheap Covid-19 testing at home?

Saliva test sample

9/14/20 Testing, testing, testing 1, 2, 3 (Podcast, 47 minutes) In the Bubble Podcast with Andy Slavitt, a former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Also a very good interviewer.

Speakers: Michael Mina, Harvard infectious disease specialist and laboratory director, and Robby Sikka, who helped develop the SalivaDirect test with the NBA in partnership with Yale University. Plus Q&As.

I want to get fast, cheap Covid-19 testing at my home now so I can go out anytime, anywhere, with anyone I want !! I can test every day or several times a day.

UPDATE 10-2-20 Two companies, E25Bio and OraSure, have abandoned using spit tests for antigens. They will be using nose swabs, which are more reliable. This is used by the Abbott 15 minute tests. Spit samples vary too widely among people. For more details click here

SalivaDirect is being used in 3 labs now. For more info on SalivaDirect click here.

Topics included

  • How often you should be tested
  • Saliva tests
  • Why get tested?
  • Different reasons for test
  • Many different types of tests
  • Sewage tests

Excerpt: Discussed are “all different avenues for screening, all different populations and different types of screening. It could be for schools, it can be for work. It can be to visit family. It can be for a lot of different things.

And we have to have screening tests for all of those scenarios. And that can mean PCR, it can mean antigen testing, but it needs to be cheap. And it needs to be affordable and accessible in a way that you’re also not waiting for your results for days. It’s got to be faster.”

My comment: This is the best, practical, understandable, very current information I have seen. It covers so all the different types of testing by two experts. Plus good references and a full transcript. We all want to fast, cheap Covid-19 testing at home!

Click here to listen and read the transcript More related links below.

2 Replies to “When can we get fast cheap Covid-19 testing at home?”

  1. Thank Ann! I just sent this episode of In the Bubble to my sister-in-law yesterday. I though it was great! Thank you for doing this blog, I’m really loving the COVID info thats appraiser specific.

    1. Glad you like it! It is understandable with a good interviewer and experts. What we all want!!
      Longer than the usual 2 minutes on TV news but shorter than an hour.

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